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Document 1: The Compassionate Journey
Document 2: The Healing Relationship
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The mystic path is filled with experiences that are difficult to understand. This book describes one point of view, one which includes hardship and loneliness. But there is also hope, and enlightenment. The book is indirect in its communication about the mystic path, and purposefully so. For the book is meant to act as a teaching tool, whether with your inner mentor or with a mytic guide.
Document 3: The Philosophy of Compassion
This is an expansion on my dissertation. I am still revising this to include more recent research and life experiences. I have the introduction on line which is not within my dissertation and includes an overall framework for developing healing relationships. Chapter One - which still needs more revisions - contains important information about empathy and has been made available in its non-revised form. If you read the Theory of Compassion Development then you will understand how important empathy is to developing strong compassion. Hopefully Chapter One will provide useful information to guide people on their journey toward strong compassion. I am expectiong to do the revision work on this document starting in 2019.
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This was to be a chapter in a book called the “Handbook of Compassion”. In this book there were to be contributions from compassion experts across multiple disciplines, each examining the Theory of Compassion Development.
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Document 4: Theory of Compassion Development and Other Topic Papers
Continue to this page to see a listing of topic papers, including the important Theory of Compassion Development. Other topics covered include stress management, the nature of suffering,
These documents have been written over the past few decades and as such represent a progression in both thought and maturity. Comments below are meant to help the reader connect the readings to this website.
Seven Assumptions about the Nature of Compassion
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Seeking the Soul of Life

by Dr. C.