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Document 5: The Support Relationship
Document 6: The Resistant Relationship
In the Healing Relationship book it was proposed that in offering to help another person we will encounter three different types of relationships, each with their own unique characteristics.  As a practitioner, or participant, if you know what type of relationship you are engaged in then it is easier to be more successful within that relationship.  The support relationship is one of three. The others being the resistant relationship and the healing relationship.
Document 7: The Mystic Relationship
This book was never completed, mostly because in the literature there was the heavy use of labels that had a tendency to stereotype people.  The old introduction was available for download, but a new one needs to be written that has a sharp focus on experienced phenomena, not a label of some “disorder”.  There is a resistance to the direct experience of well being (which may seem counter productive) and this can be experienced within the apprentice-mystic relationship. It is a natural part of the process and the mystic guide can illuminate this for the apprentice.
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There is quite a bit of good information in this book, if you can find it between the allegory of the “phone operator” and the somewhat preachy language.  This blog will draw upon the material in this book and reframe it in a new voice.
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Document 8: The Sons of Light Chronicles: Book 1 - The Awakening

Book one in the Sons of Light chronicles is a story of a college professor, his wife, and the people he encounters as they struggle to live

compassionately within a complex world.

The manuscript (it is not yet published) is 225 pages of computer painted illustrations.
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Not yet available
Seeking the Soul of Life

A quest of compassion and finding our “true self”

in the midst of a hectic world

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