The Healing Relationship
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Introduction: The Healing Relationship
Chapter 1: The Nature of Empathy and Compassion
Chapter 2: The Participant
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The core ideas supporting the concept of a professional relationship which can directly promote well being are described in this introduction.
Here there is a description of advanced levels of empathy and the connection to compassion and the healing relationship.
As surprising as it may seem, there is little documentation in the published literature on how the participant experiences the shift into well being within a professional healing relationship.
Chapter 3: The Practitioner
There have been healer practitioners in our culture back to tribal times.  The gifted were held with honor by the tribe.  Perhaps we can rekindle our deep reverence for the beauty of the healing relationship by seeing through the eyes of these healers.  How did they describe the experience?
Chapter 4: The Interpretation
Chapter 5: Teaching
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The previous chapters focused on descriptions of the healing relationship.  This chapter addresses how it is often interpreted. Included here is a discussion of cultural ritual and the placebo effect.  What is missing here is a description of the resistant relationship, which was set aside for a separate book.
Teaching students to become technicians in the human services is done well by our institutions. Teaching them to become gifted healers is a different matter. This chapter presents some thoughts on the matter, but the mentor - apprentice role needed more consideration. This will be discussed further on this website.
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Seeking the Soul of Life

A quest of compassion and finding our “true self”

in the midst of a hectic world

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The Healing Relationship

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