What is the Website About?

Dr C is a moniker that stands for the combination of wisdom (Dr) and compassion (C). The website is a place for people to post well constructed thoughts about living a compassionate life, a life connected to the soul - in all its interpretative forms, including the search for one’s true self (blog page). The writing here will be accessible, yet it will dive into mystic material normally not accessible to the general public. We are all in the same boat together, maybe we can share the task of rowing and make the journey easier by telling each other about obstacles along the path. The site also has two other purposes: 1) to serve as a location for all of the compassion and spiritual writings of W. David Hoisington, Ph. D. (documents page) and 2) to serve as a commercial site for art and sculpture generated by Dr. Hoisington. It is important to keep Dr. Hoisington’s other research site: www.HerkimerHistory.com as a not -for- profit site with the sole purpose of community involvement and science education. Commerce related items are now here (gallery and products).

Walking the Path - Seeking the Soul of Life

Throughout historical time man has has been on the path of enlightenment, seeking the “soul of life”. The weekly blog here will explore this path. The goal of this website is to present multiple views about how one experiences walking this path, and what that might mean for all of us. How have you been walking the path? Does the writing here stir you to thinking? Do you have a story to share? Then send us your thoughts and they might end up on the website (your thoughts page). You can also comment on the blogs written in WordPress format. If you were looking for compassionate role playing information click here *All submissions go through our editor Robin Ketchen
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Seeking the Soul of Life

A quest of compassion and finding our “true self”

in the midst of a hectic world

This website was formally compassionspace.com and advancedcompassion.com