Courage and Those Little Things People Say

My second column with the Parkinson’s newsletter is now published.  It takes courage for me to write these, to put myself and these new ideas out there in front of the public.  What helped was something small, a hand written note from a supporter of my geology research, which simply said, “Don’t give up.”  

I am hopeful that the columns will find interest, and not receive attack. There is so much bullying on the internet, and this was behind my fear in doing the column.  But then I heard the words, “Don’t give up.”  I decided then to write the column.

The second column follows on what was proposed in the first column – present reframing of concepts in a new light.  This is a reflection of my training as a scientist and philosopher.  The column is also presented in lay language with art work (by the author).  This is the other half of my training as educator and writer.  As often as possible, the columns will contain this Libra scale balancing scientific theory and public education.

Despite all the training, it still took courage to post the columns online.  Fear of rejection is my top emotional button.  This is tied back to childhood, and even in my 60’s it is still a nagging voice that never completely goes away.  It was a voice that seemed louder in the face of recent life drama.  Part of the solution is found with the courage of those three little words, “Don’t give up.” The other part is to Get Up, Show Up, and Act all with a sense of lightness.